Community Participation Course – Yemen Communities Stronger Together

This manual should be looked at as a full-circle of steps that paves the way to phases of community engagement. The manual details ten steps of community engagement, which are:

  1. Community selection
  2. Preparing community profile
  3. Establishing the CEC
  4. Public meetings with the community
  5. Enabling the CEC (continuous process)
  6. Participatory analysis of community needs and stressors, and formulation main interventions
  7. Designing and selecting the final project
  8. Approvals and tenders
  9. Implementing the project and its supervision
  10. Transfer of ownership and sustainability

Each step includes a detailed explanation about the importance of each phase, and the group of values and principles that fall within the core of each step. The manual provides templates that document each step in a simple manner, because documentation, integrity, and transparency are the core of participatory work.

Overview of the PACE Methodology

Development of Community Profiles by the project and local partners

Step 5: Participatory analysis of needs

identification of stakeholders

Step 9: Project Implementation and Supervision

Step 10: Transferring ownership and sustainability

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